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The Early Learning Center PTO is a network of members that works to support the Edina Early Learning Center program whose objective is to establish and maintain a superior and cost-effective program for all participants.


The PTO’s goals center around fundraising, events, outreach, marketing and communications, and operations. Positions and committees are designed around these goals.

The Fundraising Committee raises money through creative, community-based initiatives and events. The Events Committee coordinates and hosts PTO events. The Operations Committee manages the business needs of the PTO. And the Marketing and Communications Committee communicates the PTO’s initiatives and events, as well as ensuring the widest possible audience takes advantage of the programs offered at the ELC.

The PTO is led by an Executive Board consisting of the President, Co-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Marketing and Communications, and the Committee Chairs. It allocates proceeds to buy classroom equipment and supplies, fund curriculum development, provide scholarships, and enhance the school environment.


The Early Learning Center is an invaluable resource for our family where we learn, grow, and connect with others in our community.
— Holly Guth



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